The following "do's and don'ts" were adopted by the Patrol Leader Council in order to provide a better organized and very safe program. Emphasis is given at all times to quality advancement, quality leadership, training and discipline.

The Scout Oath and Law say it all!


1. Meetings
Scouts should arrive for meetings at least ten minutes early, and should be in their seats for the start of the meeting promptly at 7:00 p.m.
"Set-up" patrols must arrive for meetings at least fifteen (15) minutes prior to the meeting to set up the room as required for the night's activities.
The patrol assigned to "clean-up" must stay to clean the room after the meeting. The clean up patrol should make arrangements to be picked up no earlier than 8:45 p.m. The patrol members must be dismissed by the adult leader in charge. All rooms used by the Troop must be left the way they were found, including the meeting room, foyer, bathroom and gym.

2. Training
Be prepared for meeting topics which will be discussed or reviewed. Parental help may be necessary at home: please be sure Scouts have read materials and are prepared. Attendance at meetings is not automatic advancement, outside preparation is necessary. Advancement is the Scout's responsibility.

3. Suggestions
If you have ideas which can improve the meeting, see the Scoutmaster.

4. Drugs, Alcohol, Tobacco and Language
There is no swearing, smoking, drugs, alcoholic beverages or other controlled substances permitted at any Scout function for any reason. THIS INCLUDES ADULTS. Adults are not permitted to smoke in the presence of Scouts. Scouts are prohibited from smoking.

5. Conduct Toward People and Church Property
Be respectful of other people and church property. Any Scout showing or indicating disrespect to another Scout, adult leader and/or church property in any fashion may be asked to leave the meeting and not return until a conference can be held with the Scoutmaster, Committee Chair, Scout and parent.
Scouts are not permitted to refer to adult leaders by their first names. Adults shall be referred to as "Mr.", "Mrs.", or "Ms." as appropriate followed by their last name.
All Troop members must remain in the room(s) given to the Troop for its use. These are the meeting room, foyer, bathroom and gymnasium. All other rooms, hallways, and areas unless otherwise specified, are off limits. Scouts ARE NOT allowed in any other areas of the church without the permission and knowledge of an adult leader. Scouts may use the water fountain only with permission of an adult leader, and only one Scout at a time. Scouts may get soft drinks only after the meetings, and they must be consumed outside. No beverages or food are allowed in the meeting room.
These rules have been formulated in connection with church policies and requests. Our facility is new, and we have pledged to keep wear and tear in the new church to an absolute minimum. There have already been instances of damage to church property from careless Scouts and these rules are designed to prevent future occurrences.

6. Permission Slips
Scouts who do not turn in their permission slips on time will not be eligible to attend the outing. Scouts MUST read each permission slip to know what is required for each outing, and to know when the slip must be returned.

7. Attendance
Scouts must attend a minimum of 75% of the regular meetings for the full year to be eligible to attend outings. If a Scout must miss a meeting, the Scout must inform his Patrol Leader. The Scout must call the Patrol Leader a second time (preferably the day after the meeting) to determine what has been missed and what responsibilities the Scout may have. The Patrol Leader has the responsibility to note on the attendance sheet that the Scout has called and informed him that he will miss the meeting.
Each Scout must sign the attendance log at the entrance to the church. The wearing of the proper uniform counts towards attendance.

8. Leave of Absence
The Committee has approved a "Leave of Absence" policy for those Scouts involved in long term activities like sports, band, etc. If a Scout has a conflict with other activities and Troop meetings, the Scout may, in writing, request up to a ninety day leave of absence. The Scout must state the start and ends times of the leave. This relieves the Scout from having to make phone calls for every meeting he is going to miss, and allows him to return to the Troop at the end of the activity where he left off without any loss. At the conclusion of the leave period, the Scout must return to the regular meeting schedule (he can also return at any time prior to the end of the leave). If he fails to return after the stated leave period, he will be dropped from the roster, which may give another person an opportunity to join the Troop. If dropped, there will be no dues refunded. During the leave of absence the Scout may not attend any of the monthly outings.

9. Uniforms
Proper "Class B" uniforms are required at all meetings (this includes those adults required to have a uniform). Any Scout with an incomplete uniform (i.e., no Scout socks or belt) will be given the following options: either remain at the meeting and be counted as absent, or call home and have their parent/ guardian bring the missing items. Major or repeated infractions of the uniform policy may result in the Scout being sent home.
The proper uniform is required to be worn on all outings, and will vary depending on the type of outing and activities anticipated. It is up to the Scout to read the permission slip to know what is required.
As mentioned in #7 above, the wearing of the proper uniform counts towards attendance.
Remember, pencil and paper are part of the uniform.

10. Advancement
Scouts must pass minimum competency for each rank. For example, a candidate for Second Class must be competent in the skills listed in the Scout Handbook for that rank. Competency will be determined by an adult leader or the Scoutmaster prior to attending the Board of Review.

11. Scout Sign
Scouts are expected to show respect for the "Scout Sign" when it is raised and immediately stop talking. Adult leaders will ask Scouts showing disrespect for the sign to leave the meeting.

12. Scoutmaster Minute
Upon announcement to form the Scoutmaster Circle, scouts are to form the circle quietly without talking. Scouts who ignore this will be asked to leave by an adult leader and present themselves and a parent to the Scoutmaster after the meeting to review the situation.

13. Junior Leader Responsibilities
Junior Leaders not fulfilling their job responsibilities will be asked to address the PLC, which will review the situation. If, during a period of thirty days the Junior Leader has not improved, the Scout will be asked to address a Board of Adults for review and possible dismissal from the position.

14. Service Projects
Scouts who sign up for service projects are expected to attend as scheduled. If a situation arises which prevents a Scout from attending, he must contact the Junior Leader in charge of the project as soon as possible, so a replacement can be found.


1. Medication
Scouts on medication must give the medication to the adult leader along with a signed note from the parents authorizing the adult leader to dispense the medication. Parents should provide specific written instructions for dosage, timing and other restrictions.

2. Fires
No fires or flames are permitted inside tents. Scouts who have not earned the "Fireman's Chit" will not be allowed to start or maintain cooking fires or campfires. Scouts are not permitted to handle fuel at any time. All fuel must be handled/dispensed by an adult leader.

3. Knives
Only Scouts who have earned the "Totin' Chip" will be allowed to carry Scout knives.

4. Shoes
Scouts are not permitted to wear shoes inside tents. Scouts must wear shoes at all times while out-of-doors. The only exception to this is while swimming in approved areas. All new Scouts will earn the "Shoe Chit" at their first camping trip.

5. Travel
Scouts must be in proper uniform while traveling to and returning from outings. Scouts must wear their seat belts at all times while traveling to and returning from a function.

6. Participation
All Scouts will be expected to participate in events during an outing and to conduct themselves appropriately. All Scouts will be expected to perform their share of duties along with other Scouts.

7. Equipment
Proper care of Troop equipment is very important. Scouts not taking care of equipment or deliberately damaging/destroying equipment will be prohibited from attending outings until approved by BOTH Scoutmaster and Troop Committee. Damage or loss due to negligence or disregard of proper use or adult direction(s) will result in the Scout(s) being required to pay for repair or replacement. This money will first be deducted from the Scout account and if the funds in the account are insufficient, the Scout will be notified in writing of the amount and reason for the bill. The Scout will not be permitted to participate in any outings until the payment is satisfied.

I have read, understand and agree to abide with the Troop 23 Rules

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