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Cumberland Island backpacking, January 16-19, 2015.
Merit Badge Opportunities
Several places in our community offer merit badge classes for Boy Scouts.
Check out the links below for details:
Adult Leaders
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Troop Phone List, Email List, Merit Badge Counselors, and TroopMaster Instructions
Troop 23 Phone List (Updated September 15, 2014)
Troop 23 Email List (PDF, Updated September 15, 2014)
Troop 23 Email List (Excel, Updated September 15, 2014)
Troop 23 Merit Badge Counselor List (Updated September 15, 2014)
Instructions for Accessing TroopMaster
Contact Dan Cunningham for username and password details.

Cooking with Troop 23
The official Troop 23 Cookbook is ready to help you eat well
on your camping trips. Lots of good food ideas are in here.

Eagle scout project fourm
The official Troop 23 Eagle project fourm

Eagle scout forum
The official Troop 23 Eagle rank forum

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BSA Troop 23 is located in Sarasota, Florida
This site was created for new and existing members so that you can check out pictures of our recent activities, the calendar of events, print out information, get copies of required forms, get contact information, and check out some other great places on the web!

Welcome to Troop 23
We meet at St. Johns Methodist Church located at 6611 Proctor Rd. Monday nights at 7:00 PM.

Our goal is to deliver a fun filled, challenging scout program. Fun is the key word. You are about to start an adventure that will take you as far as you want to go; geographically, physically and mentally.

Any young man who is at least 11 years old may join Troop 23 on the condition that he is dedicated to becoming an Eagle scout. This requires commitment and participation of both the scout and parent in troop activities. Active parent involvement does not require parent attendance at each troop meeting or campout; it does require knowing what is taking place with the troop, encouraging your son at home, and helping with two or three specific activities/functions per year.

rock star.gifApplication with $19.00 BSA registration fee (provided by Troop 23)
rock star.gif$100.00 yearly dues payment (or two $50.00 payments)
rock star.gif$75.00 one-time equipment fee (all non-personal camping equipment provided by the troop)
rock star.gifBSA Medical Form
rock star.gifTroop 23 Liability Waiver
rock star.gifParent Car Insurance Information
rock star.gifConduct and Behavior Policy

We believe Troop 23 is a Scout troop of which all members and adults can be very proud, and hope you have selected it because you believe so as well.

Have questions about joining Boy Scout Troop 23? Send an e-mail!
Have a boy in grades 1-5? Visit the Cub Scout Pack 23 web site!
Here's our summer hangout place: Sun-N-Fun Resort

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