We rely on parents as drivers for various activities. The National Boy Scout organization has specific insurance requirements that must be met. These are set up to meet or exceed the minimum state requirements. So that we may complete Tour Permit applications, please provide us with the following:

          • Make, model and year of vehicle(s) .
          • Number of seat belts .
          • Owner's name(s)
          • Drivers license number(s)
          • Public liability coverage amount -each person
          • Public liability coverage amount -each accident .
          • Property damage coverage amount

Without the above information a person cannot drive Scouts, we cannot complete the necessary permits, and the Troop cannot go anywhere. Parent(s) should complete the attached insurance form and return it as soon as possible.


Included in this packet you will find important documents. One is a Troop Waiver that must be signed and notarized before your son can participate in any activity away from the normal Troop meeting place (this is an annual requirement: a new form will be issued at the beginning of each year). Please remove this form. sign it. have it notarized and return it to the Scoutmaster.

Another form is issued prior to a specific activity so each one will be slightly different. A couple of weeks or more prior to a Troop activity your Scout should come home with a form titled "PERMISSION TO ATTEND FUNCTION" This form grants permission for your son to attend a specific activity , informs the Troop leadership of any medical concerns or limitations, lets us know how many boys to plan for, and informs you of departure and arrival times. No Scout may attend function unless this slip has been returned by the date indicated on the slip no exceptions! Attached is a sample of the form for your reference. Specific forms will be available for each activity.

We do our best to meet the departure and arrival time schedule. Returning from a camp out that is some distance from Sarasota can sometimes cause problems in getting the Scouts packed or during travel. If we will be more than 30 minutes late we will attempt to contact parents.

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